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March 12th, 2008, 6:53 pm

Contest! <3

That's right, guys, over on my DeviantArt account, I am hosting a Serai-related contest! But I'll list the details here, so you don't have to go through the labour of clicking the link to my account, haha! XD

The rules are simple: draw a Serai character.
That's it. You can sketch it, colour it, sculpt it, whatever you like. You can use the comic as a reference, or there is a folder in my DA gallery for my Serai artwork, featuring pretty much all of the main characters. I will also be making an Artwork page on this site soon, for easier access. x3

The deadline is: 1st MAY

To get your entries to me - if you do decide to enter - simply PM me a link to it (something like ImageShack or PhotoBucket, or even a DA link) or comment here - whatever's easiest for you. If I don't send you a gushing thank you PM within a week though, I may not have seen it, so make sure I do! XD

Prizes are:
1st place: Colour pic from me.
2nd: 2 sketches from me.
3rd: A sketch from me.

There are two entries so far, and I look forward to more! Good luck to you if you enter! :3

Also, I wanted to apologize AGAIN for the last page upload. D: Coursework deadlines have been catching up with me, but they're all out of the way now. :3

Lastly, I'm...overwhelmed by the attention Serai has been getting over here on SJ! XD; Really, I am so thankful, I appreciate it so much, truly I do. Thank you thank you, and I hope it will keep your interest as it continues. ;w;

*Skips off to work on the next page* <33333~

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