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Oh yes. This is where fanart from all you lovely people goes. As an extra incentive - I won't lie to you - if your fanart is shown here, I will link to a website of yours, your comic, whatever you wish. :3

BakaChi is a very good friend of mine, and one you should totally go spoil over at her DA Account.


Edward and Delaria

Queen Rosette.

Sir Mizuki Shiro

omg. D: Look what BakaChi drew for me. omg. <3

She draws me so much fanart as it is, and I totally went nuts when she revealed this to me. XDD!! The pose and attitude is spot on for Mizuki, and... I just love everything about it. Thank you, love. <3


CTK is a freaking awesome person, and a good friend of mine. Go see her DA Account. NOW. D8<

I'd Die For You

The lyrics - from the song of the same name by Bon Jovi - fit these two so well, we had a total squee fest over it. XD!! Her style is just so adorable, and I love how she's portrayed both Mizuki and Delaria here. <3

Chibi Edward - I Drew You a Picture!

Crafty little bastard is trying to act all cute to lul Dellie into a false sense of security... D< Do not be fooled! Edward is not nearly as cute as CTK draws him! <3 ... Though, I think I might have cavities now. D8


Edward and Farrel Chibis.

Farrel being a character of Kikari's own, he has a not-so-very positive reaction to Edward. xD! ...oh. You don't know who he is yet. Hm. Never mind.

Have another Edward anyway.


Delaria finds Mizuki!

Go give her some love at her DA Account


Daydreaming Delaria.

Unknown3rd has posted some of the most amazing comments and feedback I have ever received for a comic work, and I have appreciated his support so much throughout. I would jump every time I received an email telling me that he'd commented on a page, especially when I received that amazing essay comment!!

But seriously, you guys should totally check out his work. Oh, but remember that his comic "Noctivagus: Wandering by Night" - as awesome as it is - is rated Mature! owo



A lovely little pic from GreenRocket. <3 Mizuki and Dellie just look so adorable here. xD! The script and that little crown makes me giggle; Dellie certainly seems to be abusing her Royal powers!

GreenRocket's work can be seen at his profile here.


Dellie Angst and Chibi!

Uwaah~ Thank you so much, amiko-16. ;w; You totally caught Dellie perfectly in both your illustrations. <3 The chibi makes me smile every time I look at it. >w



Oh. My. God, did this ever give me the giggles. XD!! It still does. I just love the look on Mizuki's face, and his total panic attack. xD! The whole thing is adorable. Thank you very much, T1p2! <3