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Introductions to the characters of Serai, new ones added as they are introduced. Better images coming soon! XD;

Princess Delaria Serai

Age: 13

Music Theme: Nemo (Orchestral Version) - Nightwish

Princess Delaria, young, naive and sexless, is entranced by her fairy tale stories of whirlwind romances and dreams of her own Happily Ever After. Upon her thirteenth birthday, she chose Sir Mizuki Shiro to be her Knight of service, and grew quite attached to him from then on. But, in her deepest, wildest dreams, perhaps she is hoping that he will be the one to make her dreams come true.

She is a very happy soul, with a laugh and a smile for all those around her, and is very affectionate towards those she cares for. She shares a very deep bond with her mother, and sees Vladimir as her uncle. She cannot bear to see people suffer, and finds it difficult to deal with her parents' not so loving relationship. The only salvation she has found is in her story books, and often keeps herself in her room for days at a time. Perhaps she is waiting for someone to rescue her from her tower, as she has read stories of so many times.

Sir Mizuki Shiro

Age: 15

Music Theme: Moondance - Nightwish (Instrumental)

Still in the middle of his training, it is an understatement to say he was surprised to be chosen by the Princess to guard her. Quite scared and very, very nervous, his first reaction to this turn of events is one of confusion and desperation to do his job right, and the King's attitude towards him still being inexperienced and a foreigner to boot aren't all that encouraging. However, he finds comfort in the words of his new mentor, and in the eyes of his Princess. Also in the fact that he cannot recall ever having being beaten in a sword fight, not even at the Seraian barracks in which he was trained...

Determined and dutiful, Mizuki is very much a trustworthy boy, and he will not give up until the very end. Due to his intensive training since childhood, he has never thought much about girls and relationships, so Delaria's kiss was a huge surprise for him. His eyes have been opened, though he still feels very awkward about the situation. Why would a Princess want to kiss a lowly Knight?

Sir Vladimir Romanenkov

Age: 34

Music Theme: The Wayfarer - Nightwish

Tall, dark, handsome and a chain pipe-smoker, the Russian Vladimir Romanenkov is a strong, skilled servant of the Castle, and one that is looked up to by many of its members, including a certain new foreign Knight who finds his presence encouraging. Knight of service to Queen Rosette for 21 years, the two are very close and Vladimir has sworn himself to her and her family. He adores Delaria, and takes it upon himself to train Mizuki to be a Knight fit for her.

Vladimir is courageous and cocksure, but his strength gives him every right to have confidence. A hopeless flirt, he has made passes at practically every maid in the Castle (and his actions have earned him the title 'pervert'), but has never got close to a single one. Rumours state that perhaps his heart is taken already.

Queen Rosette Serai

Age: 35

Music Theme: Swanheart - Nightwish

Mother of four, she has watched her three sons grow up and leave Serai for their wives and inherited Kingdoms one by one. Delaria, too, has grown up far too fast in her eyes, and she is desperate to hold on to her beloved daughter for as long as she can. She would do anything to protect her child, but she is not the reigning power within the castle, so her abilities to do so may not be strong enough.

Rosette is a graceful, caring woman; a talented opera singer and mother of four, she has enjoyed nothing more in her life than motherhood. Even though they were the offspring of the man she does not love, she adores every one of them, especially her precious daughter. Responsible for Delaria having been raised as a girl, she feels deep regret for what has been done to her, and is torn apart by the lies she must tell her daughter daily. She prays for her salvation, and a man that will understand her and make her dreams come true. And she wonders if Delaria found that man on her 13th birthday.