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Here I'll post some of the extra art I've done for Serai. I will warn you, though, some of these do contain spoilers (in fact, most of them will), and they are marked with incremental warning signs. If you do choose to find out something faster than someone else, though, I urge you not to ruin it for other people! DX; If you have any questions about the spoilers, feel free to PM me, and I'll give you a vague response. |D

Character Design Sheets

Most of these are still works in progress.

Prince Edward Maiten

Considering he hasn't even been introduced yet, SPOILER WARNING.

Character Art

Forest Fire

Lance, trying to look all cool. |D Not a spoiler as such, but it might give you some hints towards his character. :3

Fairy Tale Days

Just some little marker doodles of Mizuki and Delaria (and my nemesis, her CHAIR!). Warning: UGLY. D8

Careless Maid

This character won't be introduced for a VEERRY long time, but I really liked the way this picture came out anyway. x3

The Queen's Man

HUGE spoiler warning. But, I was proud of this at the time I finished it. xD;;